Island hopping

Na juhu ostrova – tam kde sa nachádzame my – island hopping pozostáva z celodenného výletu na 3 blízke ostrovčeky Guyam, Naked Island a ostrov Dako.

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Island hopping is one of the most popular and yet one of the best tourist attractions on the Siargao island. In the south of the island, island hopping consists of visiting three islands. Guyam, Naked and Dako. If you are lucky, you get to stop at a coral reef, that would be in any other country surely protected, however here you can enjoy the full beauty of it. There is a lot of marine life, including the clown fish, widely known as “Nemo”.


The amazing part of the trip was that there are not that many tourists doing the island hopiing at the same time. You rarely meet anyone other than your island hopping group.

Island hopping is one of the must do things if you decide to visit Siargao.

Just enjoy the pictures and know that you can be the one the pictures shortly if you decide to go on a camp with YogoVibe.

Guyam island

The first stop is usually the Guyam island. An island that looks like it was cut out from a travel magazine. If i would to tell you to close your eyes and imagine the prettiest little island, your imagination would probably create something along the lines of the Guyam island.

Guyam island Siargao

On the island there is one cottage, where the local landing tax collector lives a few benches and tables and apart from that only palm trees and white sands.

Palm trees on Guyam island Siargao

“Naked” Island

Naked not because no clothes are allowed but because nothing grows on the naked island. It is a big pile of sand in the ocean, but it looks amazing. Another catalog material.

Naked island Siargao

When the sun isnt too strong the island is ideal for a short yoga session and a few yoga poses. Namaste.


Naked island Siargao

 Dako island

The biggest of the islands and the only one with permanent residents.

Dako island Siargao

There are a few huts right on the beach where you can chill out and hide from the sun.

Dako island hut Siargao

There are a few simple shops where you can buy water, snacks or if youre hungry the locals will be happy to cook up some food. The local speciality are fresh muscles that are delicious when put onto a BBQ.

Dako fresh muscles Siargao


There is a lot to do on Dako. From relaxation in the azure waters, to beachvolleyball or surfing. You will definatelly fall in love with the island.

small boy surfing at Dako island Siargao

Dako island Siargao

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