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Join us to experience, observe and feel.
'Araw' in in Philippino means the sun, opportunity and time, what perfectly reflects the essence of the camp.

Beautiful nature, island life of local people, simplicity and the absolute connection to the environmnet .. so called "Bali 30 years ago" ... the Philippine island Siargao.
The place where mainstream tourism has not yet set foot and leaves the island untouched, clean and unspoiled. Let head exactly there to seek our power, wisdom and peace. If we consider what health was before we had and needed more and more, we will be in the right place. Lets break loose from all that is holding us back and lets use the earth and sand to connect with the nature itself and use its power to open our inner selves and stir up our inner vitality.

The island where the waves pound at the shores, but also the place where the Pacific is able to quiet down to a mirror like state, just like our minds. Wild, peaceful, perceptive, messy and clear. Come experience the nature and find the parallels with our inner selves - our body, mind, emotion and experience. Learn to observe these processes, understand and embrace them and find the power to change if necessary. Be as diverse as nature and peacfull and humble at the same time. We will be exploring the power that the nature around us will present herself with and project the knowledge into our own bodies - into ou physical, mental and emotional selves.
Lets go excersice yoga and dedicate the time only to ourseves and our pleasures. Lets go and look at ourselves openly and come to understand ourselves and our surroundings and use this to heal the relationship with ourselves and the people around us.
That is the reason why we have decided to organise this camp dedicated to yoga. Your body and soul will return full of peace, health and happiness derived from a rediscovered balance.. All will be enhanced by travel adventures around the Siargao island, from where you will take away unforgetable experiences and regain your energy.


14 nights and 15 unforgetable days



10 miest

small enjoyable camp


Included in the price of €799.

Accommodation incl. breakfast

14 nights


Guiding around the island


2x a day or as we will feel

Water and Tea

Unlimited supply of water and tea at the accommodation.

3 day trips

Adventures around the island

Culinary workshop

With a surprise.


Transfer to and from the airport/port

NOT included in camp price


Flight tickets


Extending the stay


Extra activities or trips


Lunch and dinner


Crafted with love

Come with us for a venture to your inner self, connect you body and mind into a single beautiful self full of power and peace. We will be practicing Hatha a Asthangu yoga and meditade whenever and wherever we will see it fit. Join us and bring a smile, healthiness and peace to your soul.
3 fullday trips, where you will get to explore the unspoiled natural beauties of Siargao and its surrounding islands.

Island hopping

A full day trip where we will explore the 3 little islands that surround Siargao. Our transport will be a traditional philippino boat with a local captain. First stop will be the Guyam island. Guyam is a tropical island as you see on the cover of magazines. The only inhabitants are the palm trees and fresh coconuts. The second stop will be the Naked island next tu which is a beautiful coral reef. The third and final stop is the Dako island. The largest of the three, where the locals will prepare some delicious food and specialities.
Island hopping on Siargau

Pacifico, North-East part of Siargao

A whole day trip where we will take a plunge into the magical Magpupungko Rock pools followed by a day spent on the white beaches of Pacifico. Pacifico is ideal for surfing, relaxation and meditation. If we have time, we will explore the freshwater Tayabang cave in the middle of the jungle.
Pacifico, Siargao

Night adventure on the Guyam island

We will head out for the night adventure on Guyam island, late in the afternoon. We will enjoy the sunset and those that will want, can pratice some sunset yoga. Next we will enjoy some food and sit with some chill out music by the fire and enjoy the incredible view of the Milky Way. We will be sleeping in the traditional philippino hammocks. In the morning we will greet the sun with the sun salutations and have a fresh coconut to start our day and head back to Siargao.
The night that the foodies will enjoy the most. The experience will be hosted by a local philippino chef Jenn specialising on vegetarian and philippino cuisine. You will be able to participate in the kitchen and learn a thing or two, or just lay back and enjoy the delicious food. We will have special guests joining us - but who it is is a secret.


Accommodation is of the highest quality providing a retreat in the privacy of the jungle with an amazing spiritual vibe. Located in the town of General luna with a few minutes of walking distance from the peace of the Pacific ocean. You will be accommodated in the freshly built 2/3 bed apartments with wifi and daily cleaning services. The minimalistic design complements the spiritual feeling and you will feel as if you were in Tibet, with the beach just within your reach.

The accommodation includes a yoga hut and a wooden terrace by the swiming pool, where the daily Hatha, Ashtanga and meditational yoga sessions will take place. We will surf, travel and practice yoga whenever we feel the conditions are right.

we take extra care that the food we provide you with is healty, fresh and delicious

The breakfast will be having fresh local bio fruits and vegetables from local farmers. We will be serving banana, mango, coconut and pineapple shakes. Everything will be tailored to your taste with coca, kurkuma or cinnamon. You will be able to refresh yourself with a fresh coconut and a few local delicacies typical for the Philippines and the island of Siargao. The lunch and dinner will be individual, however there are plenty of options. Maťo a Dada will be happy to show you their favourite foods and restaurants.
A few words of advice.


Siargao is a becoming and increasingly popular place for the surfers becasuse of the quality of waves and numerous surf spots. It is THE place in the philippines if you are looking for a fulfilling surfing experience.


Do not overthink it with packing. You will need a few nice clothes/dress for a party here and there, but forget about things such as highheels as flip flops is all you will need. Other than that a packa few casual clothes and ideally bring a cap or a hat as the sun is quite strong. Do not forget your swim suit and the sunscrean and keep in mind to leave some space for a souvenier or two.


There is a laundry service in General Luna. For 1 euro, you can get aprox 1kg of your clothes washed. They are very good and fast, you bring your clothes one day vand pick up the next.


The island is just waking up in terms of tourism, so do not expect streets full of restaurants, caffes, shops and bars. There are a few, but the real food experience is hidden in the local street restaurants which will amaze you with the quality, price and taste of the food. The more local you go, the better food experience you will get. How to get around locally? Mato and Dada will show you around.


As everywhere in asia, you can not drink the water from the tap. You will need to drink bottled water, or water from special water dispensers. Ice is made of drinking water so you do not have to worry.


You will need a passport valid at least 6 months from the date of arrival in the Philippines and at least 2 free pages and a printed out return flight ticket out of the Philippines.


Bring with you your yogamat, some yoga clothing and perhaps a small towel. If you are using yoga blocks or any other yoga equipment be sure to bring it with you.

Individual options.

you will definately not be bored

Team camp ARAW.

looking forward to meeting you

Lenka Žabková

I got myself into yoga 7 years ago and cannot be thankfull enought that I can benefit from it every day.
Yoga instructor

Daša Devečková

Active lifestyle and the environment means a lot to me since I was a little girl.
Yoga enthusiast

Sarah Coxon

Yoga teacher, writer and entrepreneur, on a mission to spread light and love throughout the world.
Yoga instructor

Martin Chomo

The adventurer inside of me has brought me to the island of Siargao, where I enjoy the beauties it holds.

You need to REGISTER for camp ARAW. Do not hesitate, the capacity is limited. --- call, email or fill out the contact form ---

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