Waterfalls Tak Tak

From behind the concrete of the half damn we hear the waterfall, after a few steps we see it. It is beautiful, honestly.

Foto credit: hybajcestovat.sk

The Tak-Tak Waterfalls are the only waterfalls in Siargao.  They are located in the northern part of the Siargao Island close to the town of St. Monica. There is a sign pointing to them so they are easy to find. The waterfall has been built into an tourist attraction, with a bit more concrete than one would wish to find at a waterfall in the jungle. This destroys the natural vibe of the place.

Waterfalls Tak Tak Siargao

Nevertheless the waterfall is beautiful. After a long day at the sea, the fresh cold water provides the much needed refreshment. There are no shops around and hardly any tourists, so the place is quiet and well maintained. If you close your eyes and forget about all the concrete, you do feel like you are in the jungle.


waterfalls tak tak siargao philippines

Tak Tak waterfalls siargao philippines


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