Ostrov Siargao

Siargao, ostrov v tvare slzy vo filipínskom mori

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Siargao, the teardrop shape island in the Philippines sea is one of the 7 643 Philippino islands. It is located in the southeast part of the Philippines with an area of 437 km2. In other words it is fairly small. The coast is rich in coral reefs, white sand beaches and the water is crystal clear. It is often refered to as Bali 30 years ago, because it is yet to be fully discovered by tourists. It a a gem of the Philippines.

Surfer Siargao General Luna

The island is becoming very famous for surfing and great wave breaks. The most famous one is the Cloud 9 wave, where a lot of national as well as international competitions are held.

Cloud 9 General Luna Siargao

The land is mostly covered with coconut and banana trees, but you will also find mangroves on the island, especially on the western part. There are plenty of small towns around the island, but the biggest ones are Del Carmen – close to the airport, Dapa – the main dock and General Luna – the tourist capital of Siargao.

Siargao General Luna Cloud9

Siargao Malinao Philippines

Do not expect the western standards in these towns. For example ATMs are only available in Dapa and Del Carmen, so remember to bring enough cash with you to cover the first few weeks.

Getting cash is very hard , with only 2 working ATMs that acept international credit cards on the island. They tend be broken down often or do not have any cash, so getting money here can be a hassle.

However a fairly low level of development makes the island special. You will learn to appreciate the little things, like working electricity, getting money out of an ATM or running water. Life becomes much simplier and more relaxed and you will enjoy every bit of it, especially if you your ordinary lifestyle is very hectic. There is no rush, no deadlines no stress, sometimes it seems as if time did not exist here. It is very probable that you will love it so much, you will not want to go back.

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