Lenka Žabková – Yoga Instructor

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Lenka Žabková alias Žabka

Jógová inštruktorka a majiteľka Bratislavského jógového štúdia www.yogahouse.sk

I started with yoga 7 years ago and to this day am verry happy that I have the opportunity to benefit from it every day. I love to get to know my own body, concience, processes, cognition and valuable information. Yoga makes my world better and I teach, so that others can experience the same.

I benefited from yoga in every period of my life. At first yoga was merely an excercise to keep myself fit, to have a healthy lifestyle and self confidence a the search form my own me. With the help of yoga I overcome my limitations and uncover contentment towards myself and towards others. Yoga is for me a facinating road of knowledge. At the moment it is all about finding the balance and strength where I can overcome any situation by understanding myself and people around me, and understanding that everything happens for a reason. It is a beautiful game of everyday life.

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