Frequently asked questions

Are the flight and transportation costs included in the camp price.

No. The camp price is excluding the transportation costs.

Is there any airline that flies directly to Siargao?

Unfortunately not yet. You have to purchase a flight to Cebu, to the Cebu Mactan International Airport. From there you can get a flight to Siargao. It is only about an one hour flight. The flight is handled by Cebu Pacific airline  – www.cebupacificair.com -. Please be aware that it is quite likely that you might need to stay one night in Cebu. More info about getting to Siargao here.

Can you book the flight tickets for me?

At the moment we do not have the capacity nor a good internet connection so it is almost impossible for us to provide such service.

However that does not mean we cannot give you a few tips 🙂 If you get stuck or you are unsure, do drop us an email or a call.

What if I want to come earlier or leave later?

Let us know. We will be happy to assist with anything you might need, such as finding suitable accomodation for the outstanding days.

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