Dadka Antolová – Yoga and surf enthusiast

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Dadka Antolová alias Dadka

V živote mám iba pár pravidiel, inak sa učím nedržať sa ničoho iného.

I do have only a few rules in life, other than that I try not to clinge to anything. Why? Just in case and for the simplicity of life because all is here to perish. One thing is certain though. THE feeling, when you make it to the top of the mountain, that feeling is eternal and undeniable. At that moment you feel like the center of the universe. It is that feeling that I would like to experience every other day and in the days inbetween gather energy for those days. Excercise, freedom, escapes and finding the way back, just like a wandering dog. Stability, but also unexpected surprises are my cup of tea. And aslo water, in all its form that flows inside and leves me restless and thats why I will travel again.

And one of my rules: “You just have to begin, the rest is easy.”



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