Dadka Devečková – Yoga enthusiast and traveler

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Dada Devečková alias Dadka

Active lifestyle and the environment means a lot to me since I was a little girl.

I come from Liptovsky Mikulas, Slovakia and active lifestyle and the environment meanta lot to me since I was a little girl. Everyday i feel that it awakens my inner adventurer, gives me energy and bring happines from life. Everyday I try to uncover the secrets of healthy cuisine, new ingredients, their combinations and their positive effecton my body.

I have discovered the physical and mental benefits of yoga 2 years ago. Yoga has made me look at my body and mind from a different perspective. I have learned to perceive my body as an entity and be grateful for the way it works. Yoga has helped me to listen to the signals it sends out and give it what it needs to maintain a healthy balance and energy for further adventures.

The adventure on the Philippino island Siargao has open a new path to self awareness. Siargao is a place where the time seems to have stopped. Its atmosphere, healthiness, happiness and appretiation of the most basic things has helped me to understant the essence of whats important. I am sure that you will also have the experience of your lives on Siargao and take a way restored energy and happiness from the newfound balance in life.

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