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A happy story of three friends.


This is Shorty, Susan and Froggy. All close and great friends and truly enjoy each others’ company. They all love to travel, get to know exotic places, meet new people and experience extraordinary adventures. They have traveled together before and are used to making compromises. Shorty sometimes has to give way to Susan, another time Susan to Froggy etc..

Shorty is an experienced surfer, but has never tried Froggy’s favourite yoga. Nevertheless Shorty is smart and he is fully aware of  how yoga can positively impact him and his surfing. Susan is a just a beginner in surfing, but she really enjoyed yoga and acroyoga classes when she was at home. Froggy does not know whether she will be into surfing that much, but she knows that she is spiritual and that she would love to experience a true asian yoga and come back home as relaxed as can be. If it was only possible for all of them to do what they want and yet travel together without restrictions and too many compromises..

Susan has stumbled upon the website and is eager to share the great news with the rest of the bunch. She has found an ideal camp CHILLI, where they will experience the beautiful, not yet so touristy island Siargao – also known as Bali 30 years ago – and all their expectations of an ideal trip will be fully fulfilled.

And that is what happened. Shorty finally experienced the relaxation and happiness that yoga can bring. However he did not miss the everyday swell and went out to catch some epic waves. He mangaed to get the first barrel of his life and now he is putting toghether a surf edit. Susan has last surfed almost a year ago, so she decided to start with 2 hours with the instructor first. She realised that surfing is pretty easy to forget when you do not do it too often, so she added another 2, but later she was surfing with Shorty. She knew from her experience that surfing is very physical and that yoga is the best way to relax the body, so she decided to do yoga or have a massage every other day to ease the muslce ache. She decided on the go, depending on how she felt, she could change it anytime. Froggy promised to the crew that she will try surfing, however it was not really her kind of thing, so she enjoyed the everyday positives of yoga and massages. She will never forget the overnight trip to the Guyam island and claims that she has never ever seen so many stars in her life.

They have all agreed that the trip was epic and now they are showing off pictures to their friends and colleagues .. Of course in a friendly manner .. Shorty in the barrel, Susan under the palm tree, Froggy at the beach … But this is the story of these three friends. Pretty sure you don’t want to be only hearing stories like this, so why don’t you come and write a story of your own. 

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