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With Yogovibe you will experience the yoga, surf and travel adventure of a lifetime on the hidden Philippino island of Siargao. You will rediscover the path to selfawareness and get to know a place where the time is slow. The atmosphere, healthiness and happiness will make you smile and you will learn once again to enjoy the simpliest things in life. The mighty Pacific ocean, the incredible quality and taste of local foods and yoga practice in the spiritual retreats of the island will revitalize your body and soul. We would like to give you the opportunity to experience this truly magical part of the world. Our Yoga, Surf and Travel camps are desinged to restore health, happiness and balance in your body and mind. You will go on an adventure around the island, enjoy the Pacific, taste local specialities, experience local culture and take away unforgetable memories and a restored body and mind.
We believe in a healthy lifestyle and a clean environment, which leads to understanding, inspiration and appreciation of the smallest things in life.


Only healthy nutrition, inspiration derived from the nature, active lifestyle and relaxation can fully revitalize the body and the soul.

Unique experience

Only a stay in an extraodrinary place, with remarkable people and unique adventures can guarantee an experience of a lifetime.


Only the experience of various things, places and cultures will open your mind to new ideas and inspire you on your pursuit of happiness.

the experience that will stay in your memory forever

Every camp is carefully crafted, to create a unique mix of 6 elements, which we consider to be essential for an extraordinary yoga, surf or travel experience.

1. Adventure

Exploration of the island and its astonishing natural surroundings with experienced guides.

2. Culture

Familiarising yourself and blending in with the local culture of the islanders and finding inspiration in their way of life.

3. Cuisine

Tasting local foods and specialities enriched by culinary experiences.

4. Activities

Yoga practice and all activities that can be done in the waves and the wind of the Pacific.

5. Relaxation

The relaxation of body and mind on the white sand beaches and in the crystal clear waters enhanced by mingling with the good people you meet.

6. Self Awareness

Meditations and inspiration from the island will help you to get to know and comprehend yourself.

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Our partners and team.

we carefully pick every partner and every team member and are 100% convined about their qualities

Lenka Žabková

I got myself into yoga 7 years ago and cannot be thankfull enought that I can benefit from it every day.
Yoga instructor

Daša Devečková

Active lifestyle and the environment means a lot to me since I was a little girl.
Yoga enthusiast

Sarah Coxon

Yoga teacher, writer and entrepreneur, on a mission to spread light and love throughout the world.
Yoga instructor

Martin Chomo

The adventurer inside of me has brought me to the island of Siargao, where I enjoy the beauties it holds.

Dadka Antolová

I have only a few rules in life, other than that i try not to be set back by aything else.
Yoga and surf enthusiast

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Frequently asked questions

Are the flight and transportation costs included in the camp price.

No. The camp price is excluding the transportation costs.

Is there any airline that flies directly to Siargao?

Unfortunately not yet. You have to purchase a flight to Cebu, to the Cebu Mactan International Airport. From there you can get a flight to Siargao. It is only about an one hour flight. The flight is handled by Cebu Pacific airline  – www.cebupacificair.com -. Please be aware that it is quite likely that you might need to stay one night in Cebu. More info about getting to Siargao here.

Can you book the flight tickets for me?

At the moment we do not have the capacity nor a good internet connection so it is almost impossible for us to provide such service.

However that does not mean we cannot give you a few tips 🙂 If you get stuck or you are unsure, do drop us an email or a call.

What if I want to come earlier or leave later?

Let us know. We will be happy to assist with anything you might need, such as finding suitable accomodation for the outstanding days.

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